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Baby With Flower

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Who can resist me?
Cute little baby holding a flower with a wide eyes smiling.
My heart is melting.

What an adorable picture to color! Grab the paint brushes and start the job. Use the color palette to choose the best colors to paint the baby. Light cream color would be perfect for the face and hands. You have your own suggestion? Cool! This is your picture and you are the artist. Use every color and tool at your complete disposal. This drawing has two main definite objects; baby and the flower. Using a very bright color to paint the flower will make it too conspicuous over the baby. Match the colors and brightness of the two objects to make your painting just perfect. Use the text tool to add your custom text to the picture. Painting on this platform is really easy and a fun activity to do in your leisure time. Separate layered pictures are quite easy to be painted with simple strokes of the brushes. Once loaded it works smoothly offering you the same performance of a pre-installed lightweight software. You will be able to fast complete this picture in less than 5 minutes. Save it to your computer or directly take a printout. Everything you need is available on the platform itself.

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