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School is great place to learn and have fun at the same time.
Color the things as what you see in school and have fun just like them.

Feel like going back to school? Get your backpack ready! What to put in? Here you go! Paint all the stuff in the picture that you need in your backpack to go to school. Start with the apple? Cool! Paint the apple in bright red; it will make the face look even cheeky. Then there is a paper, a ruler, three books, two pencils, one fountain pen and an eraser. Choose matching colors for each object and shape to color the picture beautifully. On the book cover you can use multiple colors on different shapes and English letters to make it look vivid and more attractive. On the background you can use a light color. It could be light yellow, light blue or just any light color that you think would match. On the desk, use a light shade of brown, it will contrast at a higher degree with the other objects in the picture making each shape and detail distinct and clear. “Back to School” text can be colored the way you like. If you need a suggestion, using three bright colors for the three words would be a great idea.

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