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Shoot that ball! Shoot that ball!
Jump as high to win the game.

Check this out basketball fans! A picture just for you to complete! Grab the brushes and start already! Take a good look at the picture first. There are two players, one excited and the other alarmed. You can use a bright yellow shade on the e3xcited player and a pale yellow or brown color on the other. It will distinctively indicate the expressions on their faces. Use the same colors to paint the arms and legs of the boys, otherwise the picture will look weird and strange (but if that is what you want, feel free to use any color of your choice). Make sure to use two different colors on the jerseys of the two players. Obviously one is the opponent of the other in the picture. Use a rather light shade of a warm color on the background, preferably cream color or ivory. Once completed see whether you have missed any spot. Use the zoom in and out tool to easily paint each and every detail on the picture. Now you are almost done. Save the picture to your computer in jpeg format or directly take a printout. What a great way to become an artist!

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