They say bear are dangerous animals.
Help them to be more cuddling and make them look more adorable and friendly by coloring them.

Paint the happy alpine bear and have a good time! Painting on this online coloring platform is absolutely easy and really enjoyable. All you have to do is select the colors of your choice and apply them just where you want. These drawings have been added as separate layers for each and every shape and object in the picture, therefore allow you to paint without hassle. How good an artist are you? Let’s find out. Pick a paint brush or the paint bucket from the tool box below the picture and let’s start coloring. Where to begin with? The bear! It’s not a grizzly bear so better not paint it in brown. You can leave it white the way it is or apply a light yellow or grey shade on it. It will not kill the appearance of this bear nor the big picture. Fill the trees and conifers in the background with different shades of green. Use dark green on trees farther back in the picture and light green shades on trees in the front. Paint the mushrooms in orange color; it will make them look more bright and distinct. Choose matching colors for the ground and the mountains and the sky on the far back.

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