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Boys and girls do you want to learn new things?
I’m Book Teaching to give and teach you anything you want.

Looking for a way to spend your free time? What about grabbing some brushes to paint this teaching book and the learning kiddies? Let’s get started. What is the best color for the book cover? Well, choice is yours. You can use a bright color to make the features on the book cover appear more distinct and clearer. Using a dark color will not do the same. Use either a light color or a dark green shade on the background. You can also use any color of your choice since you are the artists here. Paint the two children just the way you like. Use light yellow or ivory color on their faces and just about any color on their clothes. Use vivid colors to make the painting look more vibrant. Don’t worry about making mistakes. You can always repeat your steps, go back and forth with undo and redo buttons on the platform. Besides, painting on this online coloring platform is really easy since each and every object and character in the picture can be painted as a separate layer. Therefore, you can paint this picture fast without having to worry about careful handling of the tools.

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