Border 3

Love to draw?!
Use this coloring page with border to create and draw anything you want in it.

Bored at work? What’s on your mind? Draw and paint anything on your mind easily and fast on this cool online coloring platform. Start the job from the cool border itself. Add vibrant colors to the circles using the paint bucket tool. You can also use the paint brush to color these circles. What will you draw in the blank space? It is completely up to you. I could be anything from drawing pointless scribbles to trying your own version of Mona Lisa. Then what? If you think you don’t have an idea, let us make a suggestion. You can create your own poster or greeting card using this platform. Add a text to what you draw using the text tool. It could be your warm greeting or simple message of invitation. Save the large size image to your computer in jpeg format to send to your friends and family in Email. Sharing it on your Facebook or Instagram for many to see is another great idea. If you are impressed enough, you can even take a direct printout of your painting using the print tool. What a great way to spend free time!

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