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Wow! It looks fun.
Look how the cowboy ride the horse.
It make you want to try one.

Look at the happy bucking horse and cowboy. You could probably add something more to this. See what you can do to the picture with paint brushes and other tools to make it perfect. Complete the picture picking matching colors from the color palette. If you need a suggestion with a tip from where to begin, here you go. Pick the paint brush tool from the tool box below drawing area (paint brush is automatically selected by default when the picture loads). Pick a color from the color palette placed on the left side of the screen. You are almost ready. Let’s start with the horse. Pick a light brown shade for its head. A darker brown shade would do for the body. Fill the horse’s mane and tail with a light yellow color. Paint the ground below the horse in bright green. A light blue color is ideal for sky. It will effectively contrast the horse and the boy against the background. To paint the boy, you will first need to enlarge the picture using the zoom in tool. Use your best creativity to color the boy to complete the picture.

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