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Build a Snowman

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When there is snow its nice to play and build snowman.
Make snowman as tall as you or smaller than you.

Color the beautiful Build a Snowman picture to complete the picture in less than 10 minutes. Set your stopwatch. Let’s start by filling the trees and bushes on the background. Since it is winter, trees are dark. Pick a dark green shade for the trees and fill them fast using the paint bucket tool. Use the paint bucket to fill large areas. It is better to paint the trees in different dark shades of green for the best effect. Leave the background of the picture white or use a very light blue shade to fill it. Painting the snowman will be easier with the paint brush tool. Use contrasting bright colors for the snowman’s nose, buttons and scarf. You can leave the snowman white or give it a very light grey color filling to make it contrast a bit against the ground covered with snow. To paint the two kids, you will have to take some little more care and patience. Use the zoom-in tool to make it easier to paint the fine details of the picture. Once completed, you can save your picture in jpeg format on your computer. Email it to your family, publish it on your blog or share among your friends on Facebook.

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