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Bunny And Easter Basket

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Hop hop hop comes the bunny with a basket full of eggs…
It’s Easter Bunny….

Look at this cute bunny and its Easter basket full of eggs. Paint the picture to make it a complete. If you look carefully you will see there aren’t too many shapes and objects in the picture. Painting on this online coloring platform is quite easy and enjoyable. Each and every shape and object is a separate layer. You can start painting the picture almost carelessly and still end up with a beautifully and meticulously painted picture in the end. Use the zoom in and out tool to enlarge the picture to conveniently fill the small details. Use a light grey tone on the bunny. Paint its ears inside with light pink.  What about the egg basket and the eggs? Don’t forget that these are Easter eggs. They can take almost any color. Use a very light brown shade to paint the basket. Bright red will do for the ribbon. Main two objects in the picture are now complete. Use a light color to fill the background. Once completed you can save the picture to your computer as a jpeg image or take a printout. What a great way to discover the artist within you!

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