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Christ is Born

Christ is born.
Mary and Joseph are so happy.
Along with the 3 Kings that also came with gift to offer them.

Christ is born is one of the coloring pages in this free coloring book. If you want your child to be familiar and aware about the main characters in the new testament of bible, this coloring page is the perfect choice to consider. When you decided to visit this website, you will foresee that Joseph and Mary are very happy when Christ is born along with the three kings that also came with gift to offer them. With the existence and help of this free coloring book, your kids will have a great chance to be familiar with the main characters in bible.

Instead of allowing your child to play with their toys, this free coloring book is the best alternative that you can give them. Apart from this, coloring activities can also be one of your greatest bonding in the comfort of your home. You can also guide your kids to know the proper color that they need to put in a certain character that is present in this free coloring book. Furthermore, this free coloring book is creatively designed and intended for kids who want to explore and learn about the real and revealing beauty of life.


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