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Cleansing the Temple

Let the kids color it while you are telling the story about Jesus Cleansing the Temple.
Read Mark 11:15-17.

Have you ever heard something about the story of “Cleansing the Temple?” It’s one of the most special stories that can be found only in the Bible. The story is all about what Jesus Christ said to all gamblers who prefer to prioritize their vices while staying in the sacred temple. Here is a sample image of Jesus Christ in the story. Please make this more attractive and full of wonderful colors as you start to use this coloring book that we’ve created for everyone. This coloring book comes with a set of reliable coloring tools that you can use in a very convenient way.

You will never find it difficult to make this image more wonderful and elegant once you’ve already started to use all tools that we’ve provided in this free coloring book. There are more options to choose from in the wide variety of colors that we’ve provided in this coloring book. You may use such things to make this simple image of the story of Cleansing the Temple more realistic and colorful. This image will test the level of your creativity since there are so many special characters to consider in its design.

Once you’re already done in beautifying this image with the use of all colors that you can find in the online platform of this coloring book, feel free to post this image in your Facebook account. We will be very happy once you’ve successfully improved the overall design of this image in a very creative way.



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