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Do you love coloring eggs during Easter? Choosing the right colors to paint Easter eggs can be a bit tricky if you are not familiar with eggs. Eggs that have decorations, ribbons as well as stars on them usually look very beautiful. It’s fun and lively to paint the Easter eggs using a variety of colors. The easiest way to start painting your Easter eggs is by painting the entire background with a light shade of green color. There is variety of stars on the background. Choose light yellow color to paint these stars so that they can depict the true picture of the Easter celebration occasion. As for the ribbons, you can paint them with grey color so that they can rhyme well with the light-green background. The smiley faces on the eggs can also be painted with brown or blue colors to bring out the jovial mood of the occasion. Paint the eyes of the Easter eggs with black and white color to express happy moments for the kids who will be involved during this incredible event. For the Easter egg on the left hand side, you can see there are some shapes of flowers all over the face. It will be appropriate to paint these with yellow color. For the smaller Easter egg on top, there are some star shapes on the face. You can paint these with orange-yellow color. For the Easter egg on the right hand side, paint the shapes on the face with light green color.
Eggs with decorations on it and star and ribbons around.
Color the coloring page of decorated Easter eggs to make it more lively and fun.

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