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Coloring this great delivery truck is quite simple. You have seen many delivery trucks before and you just need to make this one look like one of the many you have seen. For a start, all trucks have black tyres and so you should color the tyres of this delivery truck black. You can shade the body of the truck any other shade like blue, yellow or any other. You can even color it with more than one shade, may be a different shade at the back side. While coloring the truck body you should not forget to leave out the windows. They should be clear so don’t color them. You should also remember to color the headlights with a shade like white to make them visible. This delivery truck is also loaded with containers. They are of the same size and shape and so to color them with a similar shade will be fine. You should use a shade like green to color them and a red color to shade the rectangular part of the containers that expresses the label on the containers. The truck is on the road and so you can use black to depict tarmac and white or yellow shades to depict the traffic lines on the road. After coloring the truck you should then color the background. Most of the background has buildings and you can use different shades to show them. You can use brown to shade the walls, white to shade the outline of the windows and dark brown to color the roofs.

Here goes the delivery truck ready to deliver.
Do not delay the truck to be able deliver on time.


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