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Don’t Wanna Go

In this drawing, the dog is standing in front of the boy who is carrying his bag to go to the school. It appears the boy is in a total mess and doesn’t want to go to school. The dog is angry and starring at the boy with wide open eyes. To depict how the dog is feeling, it will be appropriate to paint the dog’s eyes with black and white color. Since it is a small dog, you can paint its entire body conservatively either with white, black, brown or grey color. Any color can do! On the other hand, the boy looks very sleepy and there are several things in a mess on his path to school. There are books, papers, pencil, pens, bag, ruler and protractor scattered on the way. The boy is dragging the bag on the path. The boy is sad and doesn’t want to go to school. You can paint the school uniform with different colors. For instance, you can paint the trousers with a dark blue color and the sweater with maroon color. The shoes can be painted with a black color. You can paint the scattered books with different colors such as brown, green and blue. The path has some bushes which are thick. Use a dark green color to paint the entire background since bushes around paths are usually green in color. The bag carrying the books and other important things can be painted with a light brown color. This will go a long way in helping the dog not to be angry with the boy when he is going to school.

The dog is angry to the boy because he don’t want to go to school.

The boy looks sleepy and his things are in a mess.
He looks like he really don’t wanna go to school.
Color this coloring page and it might help the dog not to be angry.

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