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Duck and Ducklings

Coloring this picture of the duck and the ducklings can be a bit tricky and interesting. You can use different shades of color to paint the duck to make it look older than its ducklings. Black, white and grey shades can perfectly bring out a good picture of this duck.  The duck is standing and watching over its ducklings. The eyes of the duck are wide open to make sure no enemies approach its ducklings. Paint the eyes with black and white color to bring out a good image. The beak of the duck can be painted grey color to give it a good appearance. The two ducklings are happy and enjoying playing with their mother duck. Since they are young, it would be appropriate to paint them with just one color which is grey. This is because they have not yet developed to start forming new shades of colors on their bodies. There is some vegetation on the ground and this can be painted green to indicate grass which the duck and ducklings are feeding on. The compound is serene and there some trees on the back. These can be painted with green color too to indicate the nature of the surrounding environment. The duck and ducklings are happy being around each other and this can be seen on their eyes. Paint their eyes with shades of black and white color to bring out happiness mood within the environment. After painting the duck and ducklings, then choose appropriate background color shade to match with your paintings.

The mother duck is watching her ducklings.
The ducklings are enjoying playing with their mother duck.

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