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This picture shows a big dump truck which is usually used to transport large quantities of sand, gravel as well as other construction materials to the construction sites. It has big tires to withstand the weight of the materials it carries. Painting the tires of this dump truck with black color can be very attractive and amazing. Black shade in the tires will definitely give this dump truck an appealing look when it is on the road carrying sand, gravel or any other kind of construction material. The body of this dump truck is made of strong metal which looks new and stylish. You can paint the body of this truck with any shade as no specific color is dictated for such trucks. You can choose white, black, green, blue, and grey among others. It all depends on your taste. Any color will be good on this dump truck. It is also possible to paint the body of this truck with a mixture of different shades. No harm in doing this at all! For instance, you can paint the front side with black color and the back side with a light blue color. Depending on your taste of colors, you can choose any two colors which are your favorite to paint this big dump truck. For the background, any color can do depending on which color you will have used to paint the truck. All you need to do is to choose any attractive color of your choice to make this dump truck look amazing.

Look how big the dump truck and the tires are so big.
Dump truck carry sand, gravel, and other construction materials at construction sites.

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