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Easter Bunny Decorating Egg

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This picture shows Easter Bunny smiling and very happy trying to paint his huge and beautiful Easter egg. Coloring this picture can be a bit tricky since choosing the colors to use in decorating this Easter egg can be a little confusing. Various shades can be used to paint this egg in order to make it attractive and appealing to the eyes. The Easter egg is oval in shape and there are some small circles and wavy lines on it. To make this egg appealing, you can paint the circles with one color or you might opt to use different shades for each and every small circle in this egg. You can use yellow, pink, red, green or even blue to paint the small circles in this egg. The space between the two wavy lines can be filled with green, blue or orange color depending on your taste. Any color can do here as long as it blends well with the color you have chosen for the smaller circles. Generally, you can use any color that brings happiness mood in the creative works since this egg is for Easter celebrations events. Try and bring this event to a reality by emphasizing on painting this Easter egg with bright colors. For Easter Bunny, you can paint him with a variety of colors including white, green and red since this is a celebration party. For the background, you can use blue shades as this will make the entire event more lively and memorable.

Easter Bunny in the coloring page is busy painting his huge Easter egg.

To finish his work help the Easter bunny finish his painting.
Help him in choosing what colors to add on the Easter egg.

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