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This is an amazing picture of Jesus Christ the Son of God who has just risen from death. In order to make this picture lovely and lively, then you need to carefully select the right shades of colors to bring out a happiness mood that the church will celebrate on Easter. Christians rejoice in Jesus Christ during Easter holidays. For you to paint this beautiful portrait, you need to know the kind of clothes which Jesus wore during his resurrection. Jesus is wearing a long piece of cloth which is covering him from the head to the toes. Since he is the Son of God, white color is usually associated to events in the church. Therefore, we will paint Jesus Christ with white color from the head to the toes. He is an angel from heaven who has been sent by our Lord. Jesus has no shoes on his feet. The best color to paint his feet is brown color since this is the color of humankind. Also Jesus has some beards. The beards can be painted with black color. As you can see from the picture, Jesus Christ is praying and his hands are wide apart. You can use a bright color such as brown or orange to paint his hands as he is praying. The scarf covering Jesus Christ head can be painted with white color to indicate peace and joy. Use any bright color such as yellow or maroon to paint the background as long as it matches with the other parts of the picture.

Lets rejoice!
Jesus has risen!
Color the coloring page with love and make it lively because He has risen.

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