Look at this beautiful elephant. If you want to paint this elephant with amazing colors so that it can look beautiful and interesting to watch, then you need to choose bright colors that will definitely leave a mark on the eyes of the viewers. This elephant has adorable and very cute eyes. In addition, the eyes are very big and appealing. In order to bring out this image in an incredible and stylish manner, you need to paint it using bright colors. For instance, you can use white and black colors to paint the big eyes of this elephant. The outer part of the eyes can be painted with black color while the inner can be painted with both shades of white and black. This elephant also has two beautiful ears which are wide open. Use black or grey color to paint the ears of the elephant. This elephant also has a small tail on its back. Brown color would perfectly paint the tail in order to blend well with the other parts of the body. As you can see from the picture, this elephant is playing with a bucket using his trunk. The bucket is in front of the elephant and it has a handle and a star on the side. Painting this bucket should be very easy. You can use any bright color such as white, blue, yellow, pink, red or orange to paint this bucket. This will definitely create an appealing surrounding. Use light pink color to paint the rest of the background.

Look at the elephant in this page.
Cute and adorable and his eyes are big.
The elephant is playing with the pail with his trunk.

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