In order to paint this big elephant with the right shades and bring out an amazing texture, you need to be very careful. This elephant is very big and it is carrying a big log using its trunk. This elephant is very strong because it has pulled down a big tree and it is carrying it using its trunk. This elephant has four enormous feet which leave some marks on the ground after passing on the path. You can either paint the legs of this elephant with black or grey color. There are some trees surrounding the elephant. These trees can be painted with green color to represent the vegetation in our surrounding. There is also some grass on the path. You can paint the grass on the path with green color also. For the path, paint using brown color to represent the soil on the path. This elephant has two big ears which are placed strategically on its head. It would be appropriate to paint the ears with grey color. The elephant has medium sized eyes which are placed right at the center of its head. These should be colored white and black. This elephant also has two trunks which are very strong. These can painted with dark brown color. The log which the elephant is carrying using its trunk can be painted with both green and brown color because it has just been pushed down. If you want to have an amazing finish of this picture, then you also need to choose a perfect bright background color that will rhyme well with other parts of the picture.

The Elephant in this coloring page is so big.
It is carrying a log using his trunk.
They are really very strong.
So strong that they can push down big trees.

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