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Coloring this picture of father and kids in happiness mood can be a bit tricky if you don’t choose the right colors to bring out this mood vividly. The father and the kids are really having fun as we can see smiles all over their faces. The father is holding his daughter on right hand side and on the left hand side he is holding his son. The daughter is holding a flower on one hand. You can choose yellow, red, pink or green color to paint this flower. You can choose to paint the daughter’s clothes with any bright color such as pink or red. Care should be taken to paint the daughter’s head with another color to ensure she looks beautiful with her clothes as well as the covering on her head. You can choose to paint her shoes with white or brown color to perfectly match with the pink color on her clothes. On the other hand, you can paint the son’s trouser with a brown color and the shirt with beige color. These two colors perfectly match well for the boys. You can use black color to paint the son’s shoes. The combination of these colors will really depict happiness mood in this picture. The heart signs surrounding the father and kids can be painted with red color to indicate love. For the father, you can paint his shirt with black color and the tie with a light yellow shade. Paint the hands of father and kids with brown color. Then choose a suitable background color that will match with the other paintings.

In this coloring page a father playing with his kids.
They really are having fun with their father.
The fathers and the kids are really happy.

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