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Father and Son Cars

This is an amazing picture of father and son playing with their cars. Coloring the two cars and the surrounding can be a bit tricky if you do not choose the right shades of colors. The son is driving a smaller car compared to his dad’s car. The first step is to try and shade the two cars. You can paint the outer part of the wheels with black color for both the two cars. The inner part which is metallic can be painted with silver color so that the surface can be shiny and attractive as the father and son enjoy driving their cars together. The headlights for both the cars can be painted with light orange color to shed some light once it gets dark on the way. The son’s car body can be painted with light blue because kids like brighter colors. Also light blue color will be more attractive and visible. You can then paint the father’s car body with grey color. This color will definitely rhyme well with the light blue color on the kid’s car. The wide screen for the two cars can then be tinted with light grey color to give the cars a classy and stylish look. Brown color will be appropriate to paint the ground surface where the cars are traveling. For the bushes around the two cars, green color will be a perfect shade as it will represent the surroundings. The house can be painted with dark orange color and the two windows painted with yellow color.

Father and son playing with their cars.
In the coloring page the father has a big car and the son has small car.
The son is imitating his father.
Dad in his big car, and junior in his little one.

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