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To color this page can be very tricky. There is a young mouse that has brought a very big piece of cheese as a gift to his father. The father is very surprised. While coloring this page you should choose shades that show the details of the picture. The good thing about this picture is you can use a lot of shades to make it look attractive. You can use any shade to color the clothes of the father mouse and the young mouse. You can color the trousers of the father mouse using a grey shade, a light blue shade for the shirt and a red with white stripes shade for the tie. The hat that the father mouse is wearing can be colored blue. This will make the father mouse look very smart. For the young mouse you can use navy blue shade for his shorts and orange or pink shade for his shirt. These colors will make him look nice and smart too. After coloring the father mouse and young mouse you should color the cheese. The color of cheese is cream and hence a shade of cream should be used. The cheese has a ribbon on it to make it look like a very nice gift. You should use nice shades like purple or bright yellow to color the ribbons. After that you should finish with coloring the background. It looks like a wall built of stones and hence dark grey shades would be nice to color the background.

A young mouse bringing a cheese as a gift for his father.
Look how big the cheese with ribbon on it.
Father mouse looks surprise.

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