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First Christmas

In this coloring page is the day Jesus Christ was born.
Joseph and Mary are the parents of Jesus.
He was born in Bethlehem.
There was a big shining star that guided the wise men.

A happy moment that should always be remembers.  They are all happy for the new born baby even the animals that are with them are also happy. See the love in the faces of Joseph and Mary while looking at baby Jesus. There is a beautiful star above them that added magic. It is really a picture perfect and what do you think what is lacking? Yes, it needs color to make it really a picture perfect.  And to make it more magical all it needed are colors to brighten the occasion. Make it more memorable by adding colors that you think that will suit the scene. Use the tools that are provided. There are different colors that you can choose for Joseph, Mary, baby Jesus, one of the three kings, the animals and the background. With our paint brush you can perfect your coloring by adjusting the size of your brush. To see it more clearly you can zoom in or out depending on you.

While the kids are busy doing there coloring, parents can tell the beautiful story about baby Jesus how He was born and how the three kings located them. It is a great bonding time with the family.

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