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Coloring page of a boy fishing at the lake under the sun.
Prepared and ready with his fishing rod and bait.
Waiting patiently to catch a fish.

A boy sitting in a chair under a table along the lake wearing a t-shirt with printed fish on it, a cargo short and a hat. He has a big smile on his face and you will see how he loves fishing. A beautiful sunny day to go fishing in the lake. Ready with his fishing rod and bait he is all set. Even the sun is shining he doesn’t feel the heat because of his hat that protecting him. Waiting patiently he used worm as a bait and waited for a fish to be caught.

A touch of color is needed to make this page livelier. Feel as if you are painting. Think what color should be use. Color the sun with yellow. Brown for the trunk of the tree while the leaves, grass and bushes should be green. The lake can be blue. And for the rest you decide what color you want to put in his shirt, short, chair toolbar, fishing rod and more. Still you can decide what color you will put at the page and express your feelings. Pick the brush size that you think that can help you in coloring. And while coloring you can sing your favorite song that you might sing while fishing.

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