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How beautiful the flower fairy is in the coloring page.
Swinging and playing with the flowers.
Play with the flower fairy by coloring the page.

What do you see at the page? I see a beautiful fairy and seeing the crown above her head she might be a queen or a princess. Whatever her position the fairy looks happy and playing in a garden of flowers. A fairy is a magical creature that takes care of the flowers and other plants. They have magic that can make the impossible possible. After a long day of taking care of a garden and a forest the fairy plays around the flowers, flying around to see the beauty of each of the flowers.

Start the magic in your hands you can print this or color it online. Print and after you color display, put in a frame or give it as a simple gift and be proud of the result. You can also do it online and after you done coloring you can save it and make it as wallpaper on your computer to start your own magic just look at the toolbars provided at the side and below the picture. Think which brush size you want to used and adjust it anytime if necessary. Choose the color that you think will suit the fairy and the flowers that surround her.


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