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Look what is in the flower of the coloring page!
There is a beautiful fairy on it.
Make it more beautiful by coloring the page and make lively.

A pretty fairy in a flower that you can either print and color it manually or color it online with the use of the color palette, paint brush and other tool icons provided. Girls love fairy so while coloring the page imagine and create story that will be perfect for the picture. You can print this and make it as a front cover and write a story with it.

Picture out a fairy and imagine what she should look like. With your imagination used the different colors available in the palette. Imagine the fairy you want to look like and apply it here. You can used plain color or used different colors for the fairy. Bright colors are much prefers to be use when it comes to fairy for the hair, upper and lower dress. If the fairy is lively and flower should also have a lively color because fairy live among the flowers and trees. Different shades for her wings and used the different shapes or lines you see in the wings as guide in adding the colors. There are some parts of the drawing that it will be a bit tricky but you can enlarge it with the zoom to have a better view and different sizes of brush that you can used.

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