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Flower Pot

Coloring page for kids that are starting to learn to color.
Three very cute smiling flowers in a pot that is very easy to color.

Three flowers in a pot. A simple picture that kids can easily color either it manually or online. They have a happy face in each of the flower. Kids will surely love coloring them even it is just a simple drawing of a flower.  Let the kids enjoy coloring like playing with a toy. Let them choose which color they want to put in each one even the color is not appropriate. Make them feel that it is fun way to do in their spare time.

They can easily learn online coloring. All the toolbars need are provided. There are different colors to choose, an adjustable brush, choose from magic or paint brush and a wash with a faucet icon where you can erase if you need to redo or erase the color.  If they want to see every detail of the picture they can also adjust the zoom. If kids want a remembrance of their work they can save or print it. To add a personal touch you can put a text in the picture. Kids can use this as a gift or show there love to their special someone or love ones. Simple but it has full of love.

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