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Coloring page of a witch flying with her broom.
Along with her cat and crystal ball.
Flying above the houses under the full moon.

Look up! A witch flying in her magic broom accompanied by her cat that looks so mean. The witch looks old and ugly. Flying in the beautiful night above the houses and it is full moon. Maybe she is looking for something or someone using her magic crystal in her right hand. They say there are good witch and bad witch but with the look of her and the cat she looks a bad one. So kids you better watch out and avoid her if you see her hanging around your house.

Hope we didn’t scare you. This page will be great during the Halloween. Print one and this is perfect as a simple coloring activity during this occasion at school. Dark color can apply at the witch like violet, brown, gray and black. And as for the cat you can make it black to give that wicked look. You can also make this activity at home before kids go trick a treating. Kids can color it online. They can easily navigate the tools need. All it need is put the cursor at the desired color and where you want it to be. Brush size can be adjusted, zooming can be used and if you mistaken or what to erase the color just click wash the one with the faucet.

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