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Coloring page of an American football.
It is very popular sport in the United States.
Even this is a full-contact sport and injuries sometimes occur this is most popular game.

The guy looks so cool in his complete football uniform. He looks so athletic holding the football in his left hand. With the smirk in his face he is very confident with his game. When you say football it is a rough sport that needs stamina, strength and speed. Football players tackle each other and try to brush each other to get to their goal. Just like in the picture his aura looks powerful and ready to win the game.

Boys will surely love to do this coloring activity while imagining that they are a football player when they grow up. Color the football uniforms with your favorite color same with goes to the helmet. You can brush color to get the touch of aura to make it more powerful.  Pick from our color palette and start coloring your football player. Decide what size of brush you needed to use and zoom in to color it perfectly. And if you mistakenly color a part just click the wash to erase it. After you are done you can save it as a remembrance and you can use it as wallpaper just in case. You can also print to finish work or print it uncolored and color it with your own hands. Either way it will be fun.

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