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Vrooomm… Coloring page of Formula 1 car.
Formula 1 Car is a single seat open cockpit that is only for racing events.
It can goes at a maximum speed of 225 mph (362 km/h).

Boys will surely love to ride this one especially those who love racing cars. This is a Formula 1 Car or F1 car. It is a single seat and it has an open cockpit. Not like the ordinary car its engine is located behind the driver sear. This is a fast car that can only be driven at a race track. It is driven at a Formula One racing competition. Imagine while coloring this car that you are the one driving this. The car racer is almost finishing with his lap. The flag is being waived already.

Think of the color that you want for the car that you want to drive at the color palette. It can be one color or multi- color. To be able to color it in every detail you better zoom it in to get a larger view. The brush size is also a factor that is why you can change the size of it. Unlike car racing that you need to be fast here upon coloring the page you do not need to take it fast you can take time you want to perfectly color this. After you are done coloring add a text that you want to put and print it. Display it in your room.

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