Fox are beautiful creature of forest just like in the coloring page.
They are smart and clever.
They can survive the forest with there quickness.

Wow! Look at the fox in the beautiful forest. Do you know that the fox hunt their prey at night? Yes they do. Maybe this fox is hunting for food. To get his food he needs to be calm, alert and fast. The forest is a big place to hunt.  The size of a fox is a bit smaller from a domestic dog that is medium size. Reynards or tods are called for a male fox and for female is vixen while those young ones are cubs or pups. If you see a group of foxes they are called skulk or leash.

Now while telling your kids about fox let them color this beautiful fox page. If you want to do the coloring online just pick the colors at the palette for the forest background of the fox. Then imagine what you want for the fox to look like. There are different colors you can apply for the fox. They can have one color or mix, depending on you. And if incase you want to change the colors that you applied already you can change it by clicking the wash. Another way you can color this page is by printing it and used your coloring materials like crayons, color pen and others.

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