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Going to School

A girl in the coloring page is going to school.
With her things on her pack bag and all dress up.
She notice a cat near her school.
School is great place to learn new things. Not only learn but also meet, gain and have friends. You can learn and have fun in the same place. There are lot of things you can do at school and see interesting things. Look at the girl; she is excited to go to school. Hers school uniform looks great on her and hair look on her too. It was in a pig tail style that makes her cute ad adorable. Look at the cat maybe the cat like the girl and want to come with her at the school. She has her pack bag on. Imagine what in her bag. It should have books, pencil, crayons, notebook and other school stuff.
Imagine that she is your classmate or you knew her. With the color palette there at the side color the page the way you want to look like, how you imagine your school look, the dress, the cat and the surroundings of the school. There are some part of it that need to be enlarge to color it better and all you need is adjust the zoom. You have also the option to adjust the brush size that you want to use. In case you want to change the color or mistakenly put just click the faucet icon which is wash where in it will erase the color. It is hat simple.

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