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Grim Reaper

The Grim reaper looks are very scary just like in the coloring page.
They are even called Angel of Death.
They have skeletal figure in a black cloak with hood and carrying a big scythe.

Kids will surely be afraid of him especially he is in a cemetery. This one is among the famous character that is known but no one is happy to see if ever he appears. They call him the Grim Reaper. He is a tall skeleton that is in a black hood that and had a huge stick that has a blade on it. Creepy if you describe it but collect souls and takes lives. In short he symbolizes death. They say that he uses his blade to collect the souls and some other say that the soul will be taken and doesn’t feel any pain when he touches the person. Walk is not in his vocabulary but instead he look like he glides. He does not talk much but always has the gin plaster in his face just like in the picture. That will surely give goose bumps and fear in you. So upon coloring this choose from the palette that are dark color and most especially black. While coloring you should not be afraid of him remember also that he also remind us that don’t take life for granted and make sure that make every day the best and memorable because as they some say life is short.

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