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Jack O Lantern

A simple picture of a jack o lantern that can be print and display for Halloween. This coloring page can also be used for kids at school during their coloring activity. Tell the kids about it while they are coloring. Ask them what should be the color should be put. If they answer correctly let them start the activity. Before you print add text that will relate to the drawing.

Another way to color this page is thru online. You won’t need crayons, color pencil or any other coloring materials. Everything you will need to start to color online is provided. At the side of the picture is the color palette. Below the palette is the brush size where you can adjust the size depending on what you want. You can see also the sounds where in you can also adjust the background sound effect every time you move the cursor. At the zoom you can adjust it depending also how you want to see the size of the image. There are other toolbars that can be seen below the picture. There is also an option of what kind of brush you want to use. You can add text if you decide to print a copy. And if you want to change or remove the color just click the faucet.

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