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Lunar Space Station

A lunar space station coloring page. Some kids when ask what do you want when you grow up, others say they want to be an astronaut. Kids will imagine a space station and a space shuttle in the moon. There will be a perfect view of earth. Once you are in the moon the gravity will be different from earth. You will feel much lighter and floating. But once you are inside the space station the gravity will be different like you are at earth. A space shuttle that will transport you to earth and back to the moon. It will be very interesting. To be able to be in a lunar space station you should study hard. Learning about space is very interesting and there are a lot to be learned to and discover.

Let start coloring our lunar space station and do it online for new experience. The things you need to start coloring online are already there. Point the brush cursor at the color that you have chosen and point it where it should be put. Make it colorful as you want. After coloring put a text on it like “My Dream Space Station” or anything. Save it and share it to your friends to see your work thru social media sites.


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