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As you know dinosaurs are already extinct but learning about them is still very interesting. Each of them can be intriguing. Just like this parasaurolophus in the coloring page. One unique dinosaur that has a unique shaped of head that look like it has a trombone on it. Doesn’t it look strange? The meaning of its name is near crested lizard. When they walk they can either used two legs or four legs. They are herbivore or they eat plants. Maybe this one just finishing eating at the tree behind him. He looks satisfied and not hungry.

While getting to know more about him, start doing the online coloring. One thing that we sure know is that you will have fun and this fun can be shared using different sites that are provided.

This kind of dinosaur is very popular because they are often used in movies and cartoons. Like in the Disney movie “Dinosaur” and it also has an appearance at “Jurassic Park” and in some documentary like Clash of the Dinosaurs. Isn’t it great to know that we learn more about them aside just coloring them. We not only priority that you have fun in coloring but also learn something also.

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