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Paul Bitten by Snake

Another interesting story in the bible is this coloring page. It is about Paul that was bitten by a snake. Not just an ordinary snake but a viper. Paul and the other people with him were survivors in a ship wreck. They land in an island called Malta. Paul and the other were gathering woods for their fire. As he gathers the woods to put the fire a viper came out because of the heat from the fire. The snake fastened and bitten his hand. When the people saw the snake in his hand they taught immediately that he was murderer that escaped. He shakes off the snake in his hand and throw it at the fire but did not suffer any ill effect.  The people waited for him to swell or die. They waited a long time to happen. Seeing that nothing happen to him the people thinks now that he is really a good man.

Isn’t it a miracle that evens it was a poisonous snake nothing happen to Paul. He really trusts God and does his work sharing about the good words of God. Color this page and celebrate with Paul this miracle that happens to his life.

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