In a barn there is this cute and adorable pig. He looks so happy and contented in his own world. Everything he need is there. A place to stay, people that takes care of him, food to eat and more. When he roams around the barn he can find food to eat. There are vegetables and other plants around. Maybe that was the pig in the coloring page is fat but cute to look at because he can eat anytime. Some might not like pig because they think they always play in mud. Living in a farm or barn is not a boring place to stay. There are different animals you can see aside from this pig. There are goats, chickens, sheep, cows, horses and many more.

But pig is a cute animal. They are figurines, toys and other materials that has a pig design that you want to own one. Especially the most famous one the pig stuff toy, pillow in a pig shape and coin bank or some say piggy bank where a kid put there extra money to save.

 Make this coloring page more interesting by coloring it by online. This cute pig will surely look more adorable after you are done coloring with it.

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