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A pirate ship that has a happy and excited captain jumping with a wide smile in his face. The ship has a cannon that is firing cannon balls. See the parrot in the coloring page look shock and afraid because the parrot is attach to the cannon ball. The captain has his hat on that indicates he is the captain of the ship and he is holding a sword. His hat has a symbol of a pirate a bone that is arrange in X and a skull on the center of it. He didn’t notice that his bird was inside the cannon. Poor birdie. There are four cannon ball remaining for him to fire. In most movie or books captain of a pirate ship always has a parrot with him that looks like a trademark for them as their pet. Maybe because they can imitate what the captain will say and sometimes sounds like one. That surely make a parrot a nice pet to be and not be bored while sailing. But this captain will surely be bored after his happy jumping dance if he finds out that his parrot goes missing.

Add color to this pirate ship and show your creativity by adding color on it. Express your feeling thru color. It will surely be fun. After you are done share it by choosing what site you want to used that we have provided,

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