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Plague of Frogs

Tell the story behind the picture in this coloring page while the kids color.

Plague of Frogs is actually considered as one of the popular coloring pages that you can have for your children. It is a coloring page based from a biblical scene. It is actually based from the biblical story of Exodus 8. The image of this coloring page is part of the Pharaoh’s story. In the story, plague of frogs came up. The God sent plague of frogs to the community and Pharaoh’s house. The pharaoh refused to worship him that’s why he sent plagues of frogs.

This coloring page that features plague of frogs is relatively considered as one of the most popular coloring pages that you can get for your kids. You can actually use this educational tool and coloring material in order to introduce God and his story to your children. Teach your children to worship Lord in a way that they can understand and appreciate.

This coloring page will nurture the spirituality of your children even though they are still young. Aside from boosting child’s spirituality, it is also a good educational material that can help children to develop their color recognition skills, creativity and motor skills.

Child development is not all about academic growth. It is also important that you expose your children to arts and other forms of educational activities. Through introducing coloring page to your children, they can get fun, educational and interesting activity. So, if you want to help your children then it is highly recommended that you get this coloring page for your children.

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