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It is a quarry truck.
Quarry truck is used to carry rocks, sands, gravel and other stuff.

Do you know what kind of truck is printed in this coloring book? Well if you are not aware of this one, seeing its features and appearance you can already determine what type of truck is this. This is a quarry trucks. It is primarily used in carry rocks, gravel and all other stuffs that are used in creating buildings and many others.

In this picture, you may see how big the truck is seeing its appearance and style. It has big wheels and very strong features which makes this car truly unique from other ordinary cars. Color this truck with the best color of your choice that could highlight its flexibility and well built in features.  You may choose blue, green, yellow or any other color that could make this car really a convenient and impressive one. You may also spare time and effort to make this color more enhanced with the best combination of color in its wheels and body to make it more fast and strong.

This is a quarry truck hence you need to express your own taste of color of in this truck.  In this picture you may see that this truck had already its rocks and gravel hence you are already given the chance to determine that this is really a quarry truck.  With this coloring book, you are assured that you can have an advanced idea of what a quarry truck is. You can already determine that once you see this truck on the road you can already have an idea of what it is.

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