Look how strong Samson as you can see in the coloring page.

Perhaps exploring every chapter of the bible is an essential thing towards developing strong faith in God. This is the reason why parents needs to expose their children at a young age with some of the strong highlights of the bible stories through the help of the different coloring books that reflects the characters and personalities of all the people involved in the life of God. In this picture, you may see how Samson is strong enough to face all the challenges given to him by the Lord through assessing his faith in him.

In this coloring book, Samson seemed to be calling the lord while asking for his guidance and support towards strengthening and praying for him for his two eyes. You may also see in this picture that Samson is holding the two middle types of pillars wherein a house is stood from both of his right hand and left hand. This is to show his regrets with all his sins as well as his coming back to the Lord. Revenge and all other negative feelings and emotions in this page will not be seen in Samson’s face but more on his strong faith and belief in the Lord.

To make this picture more interesting and sacred for others, make use of spiritual colors that can arouse faith and belief in God. Make use of white color and all others that can enhance the impressiveness and creativeness of this picture. This coloring page will not only develop the creative skills of your kid but also his faithfulness to the Lord.

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