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Santa on Roof

Santa is all set to deliver the presents to boys and girls that have been good.
He is getting ready to go down the chimney.
Color the coloring page and make Santa more presentable if caught by the kids.

What an incredible picture to paint! In this picture, Santa is carrying some Christmas gifts for the good boys and girls. He is walking on the roof and soon he will be meeting with the good kids on the floor of the house to start sharing the gifts he brought for them. Santa is on the roof and he is getting ready to go down the chimney. Since the kids are eagerly waiting for Santa, it will be appropriate to paint him with amazing colors that will make him presentable to the good kids waiting for him. The kids are not sure what kind of gifts Father Christmas is bringing them on this occasion. To make Santa presentable to the kids, paint him with both red and white color. Use red color only to paint Santa’s head cap and combine both white and red shades to paint his clothes. He is wearing a heavy cotton jacket and a pair of trousers. Paint these carefully as this will bring out the happiness mood during this amazing occasion. He is also wearing a belt and you cam shade it with silver color. For the Santa’s beards, paint them with grey color to depict the old age of Father Christmas. For the rooftop, you can choose brown or any other bright color of your choice to paint it. The Christmas tree can be painted with green color as usual. The gifts which Santa is carrying can be painted with different colors to show a wide range of presents which he is carrying on his sack.

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