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Santa Reindeer

Santa is all set to go.
The reindeer are ready to go, the gifts are all in the sack.

In this picture, Santa has prepared the reindeer and he is riding it on the way to usher in Christmas celebrations to the boys and girls who have been good during the year. Coloring this incredible picture is fun and straight forward. All you need is to equip yourself with the right shades and brushes and start painting this amazing picture at the comfort of your home. As you can see from this picture, Santa is set to go and he is very happy about this occasion. The reindeer also are ready to go and deliver the gifts in sacks to the good children. There are a variety of gifts for the children in the sacks packed on the back of this cart which is being pulled by the reindeer. There is also a Christmas tree on this cart and it would be appropriate to start painting this tree with green color. There are some sweets hanged on this tree which the kids will eat as they celebrate this occasion. You can paint the sweets with a variety of colors such as pink, red, green, orange, yellow and white among others. The reindeer which are pulling this cart have long horns with several twists on them. You can paint these horns with grey color. Color the entire boy of these reindeer as well as their legs with brown color in order to match with the other colors in this picture. Finally, use red and white color to paint Father Christmas from bottom to top as this is the color of Santa during such celebrations.

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