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This is a seahorse.
They have a unique appearance and swim upright.

Painting this picture with the right colors is easy and fun as long as you enjoy coloring any kind of pictures that might come your way. In this picture, we see a seahorse which usually has a unique appearance and swims upright while in any water body. Seahorses are commonly found in the sea, ocean or lakes. Actually a seahorse is a kind of a fish that breathe through gills and have a swimming bladder. A seahorse doesn’t have caudal fins but do have a very long snake-like tail which is visible in this picture. This seahorse uses its long tail to roll itself against sea plants for protection as well as holding its food so that it can feed on it later. You can begin painting the tail of this fish with a grey or brown color whichever you prefer most. In this picture, we realize that this seahorse has a neck as well as snout that point down. The neck and snout can be painted with brown color depending on the color you prefer for this seahorse since their shades usually vary. Another important feature to notice about this seahorse is its eyes. Seahorses usually have outstanding eyesight and their compound eyes are capable of working independently on any side of their small head. What does this mean? It means that they can look forward as well as backwards concurrently.  Thus painting their eyes with black and white color would be very appropriate in bringing out an excellent theme in this picture.

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