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Sermon on the Mount

In this picture we see Jesus on the mountain teaching the beatitudes to his disciples and the crowd which is surrounding the mountain. When Jesus saw the crowd coming on his way, he climbed on the mountainside where he sat and waited for his disciples to arrive so that he could begin teaching them. Coloring this picture is easy and interesting if you choose the right colors to paint Jesus, his disciples, followers and other things on the surroundings. The sun is shining over the mountain where Jesus is preaching about the savior and teaching the crowd as well as his disciples about the beatitudes. You can begin by painting the sun with bright yellow or orange color to show how the sun is shining on this occasion. There are also some clouds over the mountains but these are not rainy clouds since the sun is shining. You can paint these clouds with white color as this is their color during the sunny season. Behind Jesus, we can see some trees with large branches. It would be appropriate to paint these trees with green color to depict the color of the surrounding environment. Painting Jesus and the crowd will now become easy and interesting after coloring the rest of the pictures in the surrounding. Jesus is wearing a long cloth which is covering him from the neck to the toes. You can paint this clothing with white color since it symbolizes peace and purity brought by the savior Jesus Christ. You can use different colors to paint the clothes worn by the people in this crowd as long as they much with the surroundings.

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