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The Pilgrims and Indians gathered at table.
They are sharing together a Thanksgiving dinner

What an incredible picture of pilgrims and Indians gathered at the table and sharing food! Coloring this picture is quite easy and interesting after choosing the best colors to use. The pilgrims and Indians are sharing a thanksgiving dinner together and they look very happy. As you can see from this picture, they really had a bountiful harvest since there are fruits and plates full of delicious food on the table. You can begin by painting the different fruits on this table with a variety of colors ranging from yellow, orange to red. For the food which is on the plates, you can decide to use brown color. The plates are filled to the brim with delicious food and for sure these pilgrims and Indians are really happy and enjoying their celebrations. You can tell from the look on their faces that are already satisfied and no sign of hunger on their faces. They are wearing amazing clothes with an accompaniment of some ornaments on their necks. The ornaments are very beautiful and they can be colored with bright colors such as blue, green, yellow and pink to make this picture more colorful. They are also wearing very beautiful and stylish clothes suitable for this thanksgiving occasion. You can paint their clothes with a variety of colors as long as they will blend well with the other colors in this picture. These people are also wearing some head scarves on their heads and they can be painted with grey and brown colors interchangeably.

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