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A pirate had abandon ship safely with the help of a barrel.
But what do you see in the coloring page around the pirate?
A shark!
The pirate looks scared but also ready for the shark if ever they attack him.

In this picture we see a pirate who had abandoned his ship safely with the help of a barrel. Painting this picture is easy and interesting as long as you have enough colors and brushes at your disposal. Around the pirate, we see a big shark which is about to attack him. The question is, will this pirate overcome this challenge or he will let his ship to sink? In order to bring out this incredible picture perfectly, then you need to choose the right colors to portray the situation in the sea. This pirate looks very scared but also he is ready for the shark in case it ever attacks him. To begin with, you can paint the sea water with sky blue color since this is the shade of most water bodies including oceans, lakes and rivers. The next thing is to paint the sinking ship. Use any bright color such as brown, blue or red to paint this sinking ship uniquely. You will definitely enjoy painting the pirate since he has one eye and the other one is covered with a piece of cloth. Paint his eye with black and white color while the covered eye with brown color. He is holding a knife on his mouth which appears to be very sharp ready to fight any shark that might attack the ship. It would be appropriate to paint this knife with a silver color to show how sharp it is. Paint the background of this amazing picture with light blue color to give it a good finish.

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