The snake in the coloring page looks scary.
Eyes looks sharp.
Be very careful and watch out for snake because there are snake that are dangerous.

The snake in this picture looks very scary and coloring it may seem impossible for you if you are not careful in selecting the right colors. The eyes of this snake are very sharp and wide open to see enemies from far. While painting this snake, you need to bring out the theme of danger since this is a dangerous snake from the look of its face and the body. This snake is lying in a very cool environment and its waiting for prey which might come on its way. The bushes surrounding this big and scary snake can be painted with green color as it represents the shade for the ecosystem. The ground where this snake is lying can be painted using brown color. This snake has a slim and long tongue which it uses for smelling any prey on its way. The two eyes of this snake can be painted with black color to portrait sense of danger for the viewers. This snake is upright and seems like it smells some prey on its way with its tongue hanging out. The body of this snake is covered with lot of scary scales which are usually rough for all reptiles. It is good to use your imagination while coloring the scales of this scary snake on this picture. For this picture to be unique, it is advisable to use dull colors such as brown, grey and black to paint the scales which are all over the body. You can interchangeably use a mixture of the selected shades to paint these scales in order to bring out a fascinating theme.

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